The 3rd PMS and PSC meeting in Marseilles

The 3rd PSC and PMC meeting of the project took place in Marseilles on 17-19 December 2001, as it was decided in Heraklion meeting. The meeting had been coincided as a good chance for exchanging experience, visits and discussions with relevant authorities in areas of southern France, which have adopted monitoring systems of water management and have also introduced the concept of risk management as a basic issue in water management. Photographs of the Meeting
The meeting brought together the members of the PMC and PSC in order to:
  • Present the results of the experts' mission, which took place on September 2001. PMS and PSC members could comment on them.
  • Approve the final report of identification needs study
  • Examine the progress of equipment purchase; propose solutions to problems faced by Albanian and FYROM partners in equipment acquisition.
  • Present the first version of the database for data processing (Demo) and comment on that.
  • Present the project website (Demo) and comment on that.
  • Define training activities and timetable.
  • Decide upon budget modification issues.
    A third training seminar was not included in the initial action plan of INTERISK. It was proposed by PACA region and it was accepted by PSC members as an important activity addressed to managers and high level officials, providing knowledge on integrated water management and quality insurance management (framework directive 2000/60/EU).