Experts Mission: The concept of risk management in water management

As it was decided in Heraklion meeting of PSC, on September 2001, a team of the following French experts:
Francis Calvet - Operation and Maintenance Hydraulic Engineer,
Daniel Gicqel - Quality Expert and
Thierry Pecqueux - Quality Expert (CVs in Annex VII),
conducted a report of the Water Management Program of all Interisk partners apart from PACA region: The experts visited all Interisk partners, during September 2001.
The expert's report included a general presentation of the study area, an examination of risk analysis information, an overview of the current monitoring activities, a field inspection of some existing water catchment and equipment, and interviews with selected experts who have knowledge concerning water management issues. Plans, maps, and other supporting documentation were also reviewed.
The mission finished by a results meeting in Thessaloniki with the participation of all project partners representatives and experts (19-20 of September 2001).