Installation of meteorological and hydrological stations and automatic data processing to the Regional telematic network

The equipment purchased for the project was installed in two stages. The first stage was contacted from the end of January till the beginning of February 2002. During that time the equipment of the Regional Processing Center was developed and set in operation. The center contains a Base server, a database server, Client workstations, Maintenance workstation, LAN, Communications facilities and Printing machines.
The second stage comprised the installation of the meteo and hydro stations and their telemetric channels. The remote stations are now set up and functioning.
Municipality of Dojran
Because of the high importance of the Dojran Lake, the municipality of Star Dojran has decided to establish an additional, accurate monitoring system owned and controlled by the city, for the measurement of hydrological parameters in the hydro-geological basin of Dojran lake:
In Dojran lake, the following stations are also functioning.
  • 1 hydro-meteorological station that belongs to the city.
  • 1 hydro-meteorological station, installed in Mrdaja-Star Dojran and used by the Hydro-meteorological Department of FYROM.
    The Interisk stations consist of: 1 rain gauge, 1 barometric pressure sensor, 1 evaporation sensor, 1 water level sensor, 1 water temperature sensor, 1 air relative humidity sensor, 1 air temperature sensor, 1 wind speed sensor, 1 wind direction sensor, 1 total solar radiation sensor, 2 data loggers and the appropriate accompanying utilities for the proper functioning of the telemetric network.