Training seminar focused on the use of infastructure, tehniques and methods applied for the in-situ analysis of chemical and microbiological water quality parameters

The Region of Crete has organized a technical training workshop in the period from 8 to 12 of April 2002. The workshop was organized by IMBC in Heraklion and was finally attended by 12 participants (4 from FYROM, 2 from Albania, 3 from Bulgaria and 3 from Greece. The following issues have been the training topics:
  • INTERISK water management database structure and data management
  • Monitoring and assessment of Water Microbiological properties
  • Monitoring and assessment of Water Chemical properties
    The main objectives of these training activities were to promote cooperation between INTERISK participants through collegial interactions and exchanges of conceptual and technical applied issues on water quality monitoring and data management. These activities are expected to facilitate the better inter-regional collaboration, the sharing of long-term data sets and finally the establishment of clear and attainable international water management objectives for the Balkan area.
    More specifically the training workshop, organized in Heraklion, was aiming at:
  • Offering intensive training on the use of the innovative water quality databases facilities produced by the Region of Crete.
  • Introducing critical parameter concepts and focusing on the priorities for microbiological and chemical water quality monitoring programs in each participating area.
  • Describing the design of sampling networks, frequencies of sampling and data management in routine water quality monitoring programs.
  • Highlighting analytical techniques commonly employed in microbiological and chemical water quality monitoring, key constraints in analysis methods and protocols.
  • Demonstrating new procedures, facilities and techniques used in integrated water resource management and discussing the linkage of monitoring to water supply improvement at regional level.