Development of a regional data management system including the Regional data and the necessary I/O facilities

The system is built in layers. Each layer covers the data management demands of one level. In each layer the system can run as a stand alone application supporting the needs of that level but simultaneously it can communicate with the next neighbouring level(s).
Three layers could be established in the Interisk system:
  • Local system
  • Regional system
  • Interregional system
    The local system is used as a simple data entry station for storage of the local data. In each region one can establish maximum 26 local systems. The regional system can be used as a concentrator of the local data. All the local systems of a region can supply data to one regional system using built in upload and download procedures. Finally, the interregional system can serve as the concentrator of the regional data. Again, the download and upload procedures enable the data transfer to the interregional system. Through all the systems the communication is a bi-directional.
    The design of this structure is very simple. The user in turn has to understand pretty good the structure and the communication rules in order to configure each system and to have a good control of the data flow. Therefore each user is equipped with certain access permissions that allow him to have access to certain procedures.