Interregional data management

The interregional data management system was developed by IMBC as it was originally planned.
As it concerns the system operation, project partners examined the basic transnational regulations relevant to transboundary water resources management of INTERISK areas like Axios River and Dojran Lake. All regulations are subject to national authorities of Balkan countries negotiations and they are very restrict particularly about data dissemination in the border regions. The operation therefore of the interregional data management system developed by IMBC and installed on the Thessaloniki inter-regional processing Centre, had to be approved by all responsible national authorities.
The procedure for getting all authorisations by the national authorities of Greece, Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria, in order to implement the development of the interegional datamangement system, was discussed by PSC members in Heraklion meeting. Project partners decided to introduce the issue of interregional exchange of data to national authorities, as one of the basic objectives of Interisk project. They also expressed their concern about the complexity and the results of such an effort, which will be also continued under INTERREG IIIA program.