Workshops and training

  • Implementation of a short training course to administrators and technicians on quality data collection and processing.
  • The action was organized in parallel to the installation of database software activities and the to 4th PMS meeting in Sofia. The seminar took place on 19 of September 2002 in IMBC premises 26 representative of all project partners participated.
  • Implementation of a short training course to high level administrators and technicians, on integrated water management.
  • The training seminar was held in October (16-18th) in IMQ Toulon and Aix en Provence.
    16th Oct. 2002 Aix en Provence
    Culture and technocratic management of water by Stephane Saint Pierre, Nicaya company
    The decentralisation policy in France is coupled with technocratic recentralisation of the water management function. This approach has taken the form of overall management of water in its catchment; areas that are defined based on essentially technical criteria that ignore the political, social and cultural boundaries that have, often for very long periods, led to particular forms of solidarity around water and unconventional management methods.
    The Water Management and Development Scheme Approach (SDAGE) in PACA region by Bruno de Carmantrand, International Water Office (O.I.Eau).
    17th Oct 2002 Aix en Provence
    Participation in the Geographical Water Commission working party. Counties of the Bouches du Rhone, Vaucluse and Alpes de Haute Provence, under the auspices of the Rhone Mediterranee Corse (RMC) River Authority.
    The meetings of the Geographical Commission organized by the RMC SDAGE promotors have led to:
  • The listing of various problems relating to the management of water in each of the counties involved. In particular, this reveals the diversity of the situations, the problems and the solutions in different counties.
  • The choice of various so-called " challenges ", in the form of ambitious concrete objectives with political, financial and technical dimensions, such as the creation of a single management structure for all the Durance river catchment area, principal water artery in the PACA region (12000 km2),
  • A presentation of the European Directive in the PACA region, its objectives and its medium and long term milestones
  • Information on the progress in PACA region, for the application of the European Directive, the consistency of this directive and the "SDAGE".
  • Information on overall innovative management approaches
    Approximately 150 elected officials and technicians on the state and the regional authorities took part in the meeting.
    Visit to an old control facilities rehabilitation site on the Vaucluse canal. This canal dates from the 11th century and has been largely "renaturated". The design of the facility has to satisfy the requirements of technical efficiency and respect for the national heritage.
    October the 18th, IMQ Toulon
  • Round table, presentation of the participants and collection of their needs
  • Short presentation of the projects status
  • Recall of the objectives situation: the contribution of quality to the project and its future quality:
    * Historical background, demonstrations in Europe and in the World
    * Vocabulary: quality assurance, management of quality
    * ISO 9000 standards, universal requirements
    * The quality applied to the projects and quality plans
    * Quality Plane, quality of a project
    * Case study of a real project, starting from methodological elements and structure given by the School
  • Short visit of company, IMQ laboratory accredited for dimensional metrology
  • Examples and testimonies on the quality of measurements.
  • Round table about the project quality responsibility and quality plan follow up
  • Round table on a possible "on spot" mission for deeper investigations