Quality insurance report

This activity consists of the collection and reporting of the quality assessment of the provided services, the technical and operational verification facts, and the lessons learned by all partners during the project life. The assessment was based on the following specifications:
Examination of objectives, evidences, interviews, and analysis of records like:
  • Quality reporting files (Interisk Vade-mecum for quality assurance) completed and sent by each partner
  • Interviews carried out in cooperation with the relevant Region of Crete personnel
  • Analysis of the Interim Activities report : May 02
  • Analysis of the Internet Interisk Web-site information and statements
  • Trials and evaluation of the Interisk Database Management System, software and associated user's manual
    In April 2002 the first Quality Report was validated.
    The final version of the quality insurance report was presented in the final meeting in Heraklion.
    The French expert who coordinated the report Mr. Thierry Pecqueux cooperated with the project coordinator before presenting the final report. The meeting took place in Crete on November 2002.