Project brochures and posters

During the project implementation the following brochures were produced by each partner:
Region of Crete
a) One 12 pages general brochure published in two languages (Greek and English.)
The brochure was published in Crete under the guidance of the project coordinator and it was distributed to all project partners. Its purpose is to inform the citizens of the participated areas about the objectives and the results of INTERISK project.
b) One 6 pages brochure and one poster were published in the Greek language.
One brochure and one poster was published in Crete, under the guidance of the water management department. The brochure and poster present the best practices for water management and water conservation. The published material was distributed to citizens and students of Crete region.
Region of Sofia
a) One 8 pages promotional leaflet was published in the Bulgarian and English languages(August 2002)
The brochure was published in Sofia , under the guidance of the Geomarine Center. The brochure was used as a model for the publication of similar brochures by the rest PHARE partners. It was mainly focused to the presentation of INTERISK objectives and risk management issues in the areas under investigation. The published material was distributed to administrators and technicians involved in water management.
b) Monitor newsletter, 14.10.2002, "Interisk - a new EU project for monitoring Iskar Dam area", on Bulgarian language.
c) Promotional brochure;( December 2002) in the Bulgarian and English languages.
Region of Gjirocastra
a) One 8 pages leaflet was published in the Albanian and English languages.
b) Three pages newsletters were published in Albanian language.
  • Interisk-Albania newsletter, Volumi 1, Nr.1; Mars 2001 - Qershor 2002;
  • JUG newsletter Nr.146, 28 korrik 2002: "Projectin me vlere per studimin e ujerave ne rajonin jugor", on Albanian;
  • c) Additional publication
  • Articles, T.V. and Radio presentation.
  • Jurnalists and T.V reporters were invited by regional authorities to participate in PSC and PMC meetings, workshops and conferences organised in the frame of INTERISK. Experts and administrators occasionally promoted the concept of the project, by writing articles to local newspapers.