Profile of Region of Dojran

Geographic map of Dojran. Asterisk presents study area.


The City and the Lake of Dojran are located in the middle part of the Balkan Peninsula, i.e. the southeastern part of Republic of Macedonia. The lowest parts of the valley are filled with the waters from the Lake of Dojran and surrounded by low hills (Krusa, Karaball, and Boskija). The mountain Belasica stretches to the north. All around the Lake lies The Dojran Field, which is very fertile and cultivable. The openness of this valley towards south allows reign of Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. A climate like this allows growth of almost all grains, vegetables, industrial cultures, wine grapes, Mediterranean and citrus fruit. Pomegranates and figs grow only in this part of Republic of Macedonia. Low trees grow on the hills, and on the higher places there are beach and oak trees. Mild climate allows growth of flowers such as: leander, rose, carnation and chrysanthemum, making the valley look like a "flower garden".
The Municipality of Star Dojran extends around the lake and it is on the border with Republic of Greece. The local government office is in Star (Old) Dojran, which is tourists center of the Region of Dojran. Economic center of the Municipality is in the Nov (New) Dojran.
On the area of the Municipality exists the cross-border passage "Star Dojran" which to all region means the gate to Europe and to the hole world.



The population from Star and Nov Dojran is dealing mainly with tourism, hotel and restaurant management, and with fishing. The population from the other settlements deals with agriculture (early spring corps), viniculture and in higher parts raise cattle and sheep.
In the last ten years an economic development is noticeable. On the area of the Dojran exists the following industrial capacities:

1. "Doiransko Ezero" Stock company established immediately after World War II.
Nowadays It is divided in 4 different LTD:
- DRP " Mandra" deals with fishing, gathering lake cane and processing it into cane plates. Around 50 people are implied in this LTD. DRP " Mandra" has expanding tendency which will include use of modem fishing tools, filling the Lake with water and renewal of the spawning place "Toplec" located on the Toplec river in Nov Dojran.
- DTU " Polin Komerc" deals with fish trade. Dojran fish is famous for its quality and purchased all around the country as fresh meat.
- DMPPU " Mind" mechanical industry section, which deals with production of spare parts for thermoelectric power station and cargo vehicles. It t was established in 1979 and employs 24 people.
- DUTMU " Galeb" deals with tourism and hotel and restaurant management.

2. " Nikol - Fert" is the only factory in Republic of Macedonia which produces wires and wire products. Among the products there are also concrete steel, iron, calibrated steel, bar carrier for fert-joists ,and reinforced nets from reinforced steel of all kinds. The factory has an annual production of 100.000 tone, and employs 100 people. It is located in Nikolic.

3. DPPT "Dojran" Share company Nov Dojran is independent agricultural company. The company has a possession of 3 large plantations: "Asaniri"-100 hectares, "Vladaja"- 110 hectares, "Furks"- 40 hectares. It employs 30 people. Main products are: wine grapes, dessert grapes, almonds, olives and grains.

4. LMK Company - Star Dojran. This company processes olives and produces olive oil. After four - year research, experts from the Greek institute Aristotle, concluded that Dojran Valley is the most appropriate place for planting olives. They were planted on the area of 112 hectares, and annual production is 450 tones. Full capacity of the factory is 3.000 tones a year. Entire production is exported. The company employs 10-30 people.

5. Greenhouses which belong to "Dojran" are located in so called Asanlisko pole, North of Dojran. They cover an area of 6 hectares used for planting early spring crops: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelons etc. Annual production of 1.200 tones is mainly exported in Switzerland and in the Republics from ex - Yugoslavia. About 45-people mostly women work there.

6. "Agro - Lozar" Bogdanci and RE"Asanii" Nov Dojran are also situated In Asanllsko pole. An area of 55 hectares wine grapes is now renewed with new wine types (vranec, kadarka, mekabarne). There are 10 permanently employed people.

7. "STD" is private factory which produce stock absorbers and have an annual production of about 10.000 pieces. It employs 35 people.

8. There are also some small industrial capacities such as few confections works shops and agrocombinats.


As is mentioned above the tourists center of the Region of Dojran is Star (Old) Dojran.
The openness of the valley of Dojran toward south allows reign of Mediterranean climate characterized by hot and dry summers, and mild and wet winters. From the half of May to half of October the temperature of the air is above 20? C, and the temperature of the water is above 18? C. That is particularly important from the point of view of the tourist season duration. The warm water on an average of 27 during summer season gives the lake characteristic of a tropical lake suitable for bathing during the hole day.
Star Dojran and Nov Dojran have the following tourists capacities: 
- more than 800 holiday homes;
- 150 efficiency apartments in two different residential buildings ;
-more than 40 laborers rest homes with the capacity of around 2000 beds;
- 2 car camps with the total capacity of 5000 camp units;
- 4 commercial hotels with large balconies;
- one motel with wide balcony, swimming pool, sauna, gym and football pitches;
- rest homes for children with the capacity of 700 beds.
- there are around 20 individually owned service shops (restaurants, pizza places and summer bars), more than 30 trading shops, 3 supermarkets which exist to satisfy visitors needs.
In general the number of the weekend houses, the build tourists restaurants capacity and the whole infrastructure invested in Dojran is 1,2 billions DM (0,6 billions ).
In the Municipality building in Star Dojran is located the Museum which have a large collection of flora and fauna from the Dojran lake.
Dojran is also famous with the curative water (for skin diseases) and air (for pulmonary diseases). That and its natural beauties make it gathering place not only for population from the region but from the hole state. That are some of the reasons that make the lake important for our country.


The Dojran lake is one of three natural lakes which exist in our state. Its rich and heterogeneously flora and fauna make it natural treasure not only for our state but for the world too.
For the protection of the lake from the wasted waters from ours site of the lake is built System for collecting wasted waters, which after their collection are treated in Wastewater treatment plant and then are use for irrigation. In the past year was made re-design and reconstruction of the plant with finance help from the international organizations.
Due to the 15 dry years and unconscientiously use of the water from the lake its is strike with ecological catastrophe.
How that catastrophe is reflecting to the lake and to the economy and tourism we can see from this examples:
1. From the 280.000.000 m3 water, which the lake have in 1988, today it have barely 60.000.000 m3 water.
2. The fish catch in 1988 was 500 to 800 tones, and today is 50 to 70 tones;
3. In 1988 Dojran had 60.000 visitors and more that 300.000 overnight stays, last year were realized barely 20.000 overnight stays.
For solving the ecological catastrophe the Municipality of Star Dojran had performed a number of analyses and studies related to the conditions under which the Dojran Lake currently exist. It has also made a number of projects (for finding additional sources of water that could be re-transferred to the Lake, for equipping the hydro-meteorological monitoring station, for re-design and reconstruction of the Wastewater treatment plant, for equipping the biological an chemical laboratory in frame of the Wastewater treatment plant, ect).
In realization of all this projects the Municipality of Star Dojran have a financial and technical help from our Government and from a number of international foundations, organizations and projects which work in our state.